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Al Nahdi Exchange provide the services of Inward/ Outward Telegraphic Transfer or Telex Transfer, often abbreviated to TT, is an electronic means of transferring funds overseas from one bank to another. We offer highly competitive rate, fast and secure “T/T” services globally.


Remittance is a transmittal of money. It is an easy and fast international transfer of funds. Remittance Contribute to economic growth and to the livelihood of people worldwide.

Whatever industry you are in, our business is saving you money when it comes to making or receiving payments in foreign currency. Our clients range from public companies with large and complex operations, to smaller companies and individuals.

Dealing abroad face constant risk from foreign exchange movements. We aim to provide our customers a complete package of reliable remittance with the best commercial exchange rates with minimal risk and faster process. Whatever you need to transfer money for – and however much you’re transferring – we’ll work with you to find solutions that are exactly right for you. We can tailor packages to suit you - and we’ll always let you know when the transaction has gone through.


Get unbeatable exchange rates quotes for your foreign currency. Experience the dedicated staff providing customers with currency exchange service in professional environment. We believe in working fair and playing fair.

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